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She is Lia19 and Lia is one of the girls who are blessed with beauty. Lia is extremely beautiful and her skin is completely mind blowing. In Lia19 Videos, you can see what is the meaning of real beauty. Lia has got beautiful brown eyes, really sexy and juicy legs and awesome breasts with pretty big nipples. If you look closely at Lia19 you will see that her breasts are pretty beautiful with a nipple sized almost like a cherry. Lia19 had an exciting day. She starts by dressing up (as you can see in the pic) as if she was going for a job interview. But Lia quickly realises that her erect nipples poke right through the super tight spandex top. So it quickly comes off and the high quality video (at 2000kb/s! You can really see everything) starts off with her removing her top, then her hot black mini skirt. You then get some close ups of Lia’s breasts and pussy and she ends the day with a nice, long masturbation session. Masturbating scenes of Sexy Lia19 are hotter than fire.

Now are you thinking that why pay for Lia19 when you can see a few tiny pics of her for free? We have a strong reason for this, Because at $24.95 for 30 days it works out at less than $1 a day (and it is even cheaper if your subscription length is long) - and really, what is $1 a day? Its dirt cheap price for this exclusive membership. You get ALL her photos and videos of Lia19, all in one place. NO need to watch tiny samples which ends in a few seconds, you can download full videos of her and their lengh is about 3-45 minute per video! You can download the supersized pics in zip format for your maximum enjoyment. No streaming videos bullshit, All Videos are fully downloadable!

I am myself a paying member for Lia 19’s members site for over a year now. She even knows me by my name now (you get her email address in the member’s area and she always replies within a few hours!). Its worth it if you love Lia19 and you can surely afford $1 a day! Joining is completely anonymous, nothing about lia19 or porn will show up on your credit card or bank statement. No worries, only real fun with lovely Lia.

Lia19 Videos Lia19 Videos Lia19 Videos
Lia19 Videos Lia19 Videos Lia19 Videos

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