Karlie FTV

Her name is Karlie and she is Scottish-born, but lived most of her life here in the US. She is the kind of girl who always loved sex and masturbation since she discovered them, and she keep sexually active. Times when she is not busy with a guy, or even sometimes in the morning or night if she dont have an orgasm, she like to masturbate with her fingers or a ftv vibrator. Just like here when she wake up, she like to lightly rub herself and feel how her kitty is doing for the day. Sometimes she wants it fast, sometimes slow, but its always ready. Karlie ftv have pretty blue eyes, dont you think? Here is what ftv girl karlie says in her own words :-

” I’m just lucky to be blessed with a nice butt and firm breasts. I do go to the gym sometimes but nothing special. Maybe its sex that helps keep me in shape, because I do it a lot. Sometimes in the mirror I’ll look at my body, and how its changed over the years, my butt is fuller, and my breasts have grown. ”

We took a lot of photos of ftv girl karie here, it was a place like a mall and office building area combined. Not many people around this time of day so the shoot went well without trouble. There were a few businessmen who were watching from the distance, and I could tell that they were trying to figure out if this was just a fashion shoot or something more was going on. Probably was hard to see at that distance, until my skirt went up and I spread my bum. FTV Karlie loves to masturbate and lies to lie on her back and there is o better place then bed and let the legs spread wide for a burning hot ftv orgasm. Karlie have a very small kitty and sometimes three fingers is hard to push in unless she’ve had a long sex day. In the video, you can see inside she gets the shoes off and get comfortable on the bed, close her eyes, and think sexy thoughts. Then karlie start rubbingher kitty with her right hand, then faster & faster! We have over 1GB of ftv karlie videos inside, all burning hot and guaranteed to make you extremely wet! Check out some pics and Join FTV Girls Now! Over 250 GB of Videos!

Karlie FTV Karlie FTV Karlie FTV
Karlie FTV Karlie FTV Karlie FTV

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