FTV Wendy Pregnant

FTV Girl Wendy who posed for us before is now pregnant and she decided to do another shoot for us. Our member’s REALLY like pregnant beauties lactating milk off their tits so It was really exciting for us to shoot her lactating her own precious milk off her perky nipples! Wendy is pregnant this time and her husband is very lucky to have this gorgeous babe as her wife.

Wendy is ‘bigger’ in her shape now and looks way sexy then before. The meat on her body has grown a lot and her tits have been extremely perky. Usually this happens during pregnancy and she is way more beautiful now. She is seven months pregnant and love to show off her red pussy on the camera. She has done several lactation videos on this shoot and you can see her lactating fresh milk on the glass and pinching her nipples for some very hot and thick milk! This shoot is extremely arousing and amazing! Join us now and see ftv wendy pregnant lactating loads of milk off her pinkish nipples!

See Wendy Squeezing Her Tits For Some Fresh Milk

Want To See Wendy When She Was Not Pregnant a Year Ago? Click Here

FTV Girls Tiffany Adwards

FTV Girls Tiffany Adwards

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