FTV Teen Ava

FTV Girl Ava is back, with an even stronger sexual drive! She has gotten a perfect set of tits and I bet, anybody will fall in love with her to see her gorgoes tight tits. Yes!! She has just turned 19 and her breasts are firm and really very sexy to dribble your saliva. She loves to masturtabe in ftv style, specially with ftv dildo. She masturbates to several strong and loud ftv orgasms along the way to a golf course!¬†She just loves masturbation! Things get even more intimate as we move to a nice hard breast & butt massage; then she puts her hair in two braids, and moves to the Pink Room for some very sensual extreme closeups of her private parts! Pulling, stretching, fingering, and spreading, we see all the pretty details. Then comes an oversized 16 inch cucumber, which she manages to take more than half inside! So go figure how much of hard cucumber that is… Over 100 minute of video inside of this Gorgeous ftv beauty, Ava.


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