FTV Paige

She is Paige from ftv girls and she is simply wonderful, sexy and down to earth girl. She decides to shoot for ftv. She has never done anything like this on camera before so this is her first time. She has a gorgeous personality, cute face and wonderful breasts.

She tases us in the mall and give us some detailed view of her body. She is shy at first, but after some warm up, she gets very naughty and gets fully naked. she masturbates very hard with fingers and had a intense orgasm. After that she takes the ftv toy and inserts it into her pussy. she really likes it throbbing inside the pussy and had a very strong, second orgasm. Then she has some breast play with ftv danielle, who is one of the most gorgeous girls. After a cookie break, she masturbates again with another vibrator to a strong, natural orgasm. FTV paige tries to fist her pussy but her pussy is so tight that she is only partially successful. Watching the sun go down, we check her breasts up close, and she gives them a hard breast massage. She looks awesome in any outfit and has got a perfect body. Specialy, we like her tight breasts which are clearly visible in any dress!

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FTV Paige

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