FTV Jeena

She is FTV Girl Jenna and she is the best squirter we have ever shooted in ftv girls. FTV Jeena had tons of wild squirts which she was masturbating using a dildo and we have all that in DVD Quality Videos Inside. FTV Jenna is not new to modeling and she gives us an amazing masturbation video series. While masturbating on the couch, Jenna squirts a flood right away, and has multiple orgasms with squirts inbetween! The couch is fully drenched, the floor is all wet, and the photographer and his equipment got wet too when Jenna had a flying squirt. A second camera view gets the action up close, you could almost taste it! Then after an interview, FTV Girl Jenna gives us some closeup spreads, a breast and butt massage, then puts on a sexy white outfit… and starts masturbating again on the dinner table. Jeena orgasms seem even stronger, and her squirts even longer, the whole table is wet and pouring juice from the sides! She lies down in her squirts, licking it and showing us the clear, odorless fluids that keep coming out of her pussy! Not finished yet, FTV Jenna then masturbates again, to another strong ftv orgasm, this time squirting in front of a mirror and getting it all over the glass, and licking it off. This is the strongest squirter ever shot on FTV! Click Here To See Picture and Movie Gallery of FTV Jeena

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FTV Girls Jeena FTV Girls Jeena FTV Girls Jeena
FTV Girls Jeena FTV Girls Jeena FTV Girls Jeena

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