FTV Girls Pamela

We watch this gorgeous blonde in her pickup truck, on her way home… As she drives, she plays with her breasts, and fingers herself! She loves to masturbate while driving! When she gets home, she gives us a tour of her place, and continues to masturbate on the bed. Then she shocks us right away, when she starts fisting herself!?! Then she takes the giant Big Pink Toy and pounds herself hard and deep to orgasm! She used to be a cheerleader, and still has her uniform; so she goes out to the park and does some cheering & cartwheels, with no panties! On a park bench, she does some deep fingering, until she draws too much attention from the street. Going home, still in her cheerleader uniform, she uses a large curling iron and a vibrator to masturbate in the most unique way and get off again! Notice the juices all over her curling iron. We then interview her at a restaurant, notice how beautiful a smile she has… and she then pulls her pants down and moons us. On the steps, she uses the large rabbit vibrator to another orgasm… She then wears a sexy black dress & heels, does some stretching, showing off her flexibility. Then she fists herself again, this time long, hard and deep! After that experience, she pulls her vagina open, giving us deep gaping shots. She takes on the biggest challenge: The FTV Monster Toy! She rides it so deep, she gets that giant thing in 10 inches deep!! Not done yet, she then takes a banana deep, to the very end… and then takes a second banana and vaginally double-penetrates herself! These two big bananas stretch her to the max! Then in a more comfy setting, she shows off her booty shorts, and gives us some sexy butt views, and fingers her butt… We then end it with some extreme closeups of her clit, and she gapes open so wide… Enjoy this gorgeous one, it was her total First Time Video!

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FTV Girl Pamela

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