FTV Girls Leanna

She is hot, too hot and considering the tightness of her body, she is a perfect wife material. I really don’t know how much girls I want to make my wife from ftv girls lol most of them are fucking gorgeous. Her name is Leanna and she is friend of alison angel.

She is extremely sexy and voice is too slutry. Leanna has never been on ftv girls before and in face this is her first shoot in adult ever. See her juicy body and you would understand what I mean here. Leanna is totally a first timer in ftv and she loves to get naked. Her breasts are amazing curvy and tight, well It is impossible to find any mistake in those breasts, they are just amazing. In a closeup video of Lenna, you can see those breasts too closely and a glimpse of those titties is enough to get to aroused lol Masturbation is another addiction of ftv girl leana, she loves to get naked and masturbate with vibrator. Leanna has several strong orgasms, and even does a mini-squirt on her 3rd orgasm!  A special treat in this shoot is Alison Angel and her breast massage video with Leanna. This video is breathtaking! Leanna and Alison both are gorgeous and having fully developed breasts of same size. Join to see the mutual breast massage & nipple sucking scene that will turn any big breast lover on! Masturbation is guaranteed! Later, Leanna goes for masturbation again and give some too close shots of her very pretty private parts!

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FTV Girls Leanna FTV Girls Leanna FTV Girls Leanna

FTV Girls Leanna FTV Girls Leanna FTV Girls Leanna

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4 comments to FTV Girls Leanna

  • MELT

    A very good amateur and apparently a genuine orgasm - well done you guys are still streets ahead of your competition

  • somemuscleguy24

    This girl is Hot!!! She definately looks like my type of woman, I think most brunettes are sexier than most blondes, they just have that sex appel look when it is a sunny day or any other day for that matter.
    Just plain beautiful, Thanks God!

  • Dan

    Beautiful girl that indeed loves masturbating and showing her even more beautiful vagina.

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