FTV Girls Karli

We were in some conversation about me being tight and using lubricant for sex, and that I was allergic to it. So I don’t use any (and I don’t really need any if I’m turned on). I started rubbing myself again, and I was very ready to masturbate again. The photographer wanted me to try this big pink toy this time which is probably what members asked for too. I’ve had sex a lot but I think this is bigger and stiffer than guys I’ve had sex with. I had a long blowjob with the toy and then I tried it out. It was uncomfortable and the head part was too hard, it hurt. So the photographer gave me a smaller toy to play with. I closed my eyes and got all into it, and the feeling was much better than what I get with my two fingers. I had one hand free to rub my kitty and the other one in a sexual motion. I orgasmed again and it was better than the last one I had on the couch. I thought it was only a few minutes before I came but it turned out it took me ten minutes. Time flies when you’re having fun!

FTV Girl Karli FTV Girl Orgasms FTV Girl Orgasms
FTV Girl Orgasms FTV Girl Orgasms FTV Girl Orgasms

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