FTV Girls Erika

A truely innocent, gorgeous and sexy teen. Look at her Amateurish face! FTV Erika has been one of the most beautiful and sexy girls we have ever seen. She is truely a shy teen but this doesn’t stop her from showing her awesome gorgeous body. FTV Girl Erika looks very pretty in her lenes and her body is really spotless. She has been a friend of Alison and wanted to shoot for us. How we could deny such gorgeous babe! Member’s love her, specially her innocent smile, amazing eyes and very pretty feet. Erika loves sex and masturbation. She masturbates for us using a pink dildo and does some extreme closeups shot. Then Erika has a mutual breast massage with Alison Angel and that video is really hot. We have shoot erika in many different outfits and each outfits suites to her pretty face perfectly. Her voice is too sweet and I think a girl can’t get more sweet than erika.

On the demand of thousands of our member’s, we had to call erika again and do a shoot for us. When we called her, she was pregnant but still erika agreed to do a shoot for us and shown some very internal secrets to her. Yes, she did a pregnant shoot for us! Durning pregnancy, her boobs grew really good and she lactated some milk out of those pointed boobs! That lactation video of ftv girl erika is one of the most downloaded videos ever! You really can’t resist to miss this beauty! You might have seen pretty girls, but erika is more pretty that’s what we can guarantee.

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FTV Girls Erika FTV Girls Erika FTV Girls Erika
FTV Girls Erika FTV Girls Erika FTV Girls Erika

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