FTV Girl Zeba

She is Zeba FTV. We met with Zeba at the airport when she came to shoot for us and we noticed how gorgeous she is. FTV zeba owns a very beautiful smile, super glowing skin and an amazing natural personality. We did a interview with zeba and then she started to strip down. We could only say “wow”. Her amazing hot body left us speechless and her figure was really amazing. She has got pretty slim waist, full breasts and a juicy butt with full flesh on it, pretty round. She changes clothes several times and we shoot her doing so. What an pleasing experience. Then she goes into a room and picks a toy to masturbate. She starts rubbing her clit pretty fast and after few minutes she ends up with a intense, milky wet orgasm.

FTV Girl Zeba is not used to masturbate with dildo, so when she tries it for the first time, she had a very intense orgasm and we get some super extreme closeups of her private parts and her very sensitive swollen up clit. She gives us a topless interview at a restaurant and did some flasing there. She is truely a first timer, but this doesn’t stop Zeba from posing in public. She gets home, uses a pink vibrator and has another orgasm. Later, in some pink lingerie and heels, she tries out two veggies — a zucchini and a squash!  Gets them both inside her, deep, and we get it in some very erotic angles.  Horny enough again, she masturbates with a third vibrator to one last, strong orgasm. FTV Zeba is another super fresh beauty you can’t find anywhere!

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FTV Girl Zeba FTV Girl Zeba FTV Girl Zeba
FTV Girl Zeba FTV Girl Zeba FTV Girl Zeba

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