FTV Girl Valerie

She is FTV Girl Valerie, another ftv babe who is extremelly gorgeous. Valerie is totally new to ftv girls, she visits us for an interview, and is pretty shy… FTV Girl Valerie is totally first time and she has never been naked for the camera!  Valrie is extremelly gorgeous and who would not love to see her golden sexy body! Slowly, FTV Valerie takes her clothes off, to reveal the most perfect breasts we’ve seen in a while! 

FTV Babe Valerie is gorgeous, even without makeup, and her breasts only add to her allure.  Valerie takes a shower, lathering up her body, and we get to see her fully naked for the first time.  Then she gives her breasts a nice long & hard breast massage, following to her butt and some extreme closeups of her private parts.  Time to try masturbating on camera for the first time, using a vibrator… success!  Valerie has a nice orgasm with ftv toy dildo. Out at a resort, she goes topless, walking around half-naked and getting herself wet in the water fountain.  She then spreads her private parts, and we get to look up close… pulling her labia, and even deep inside, to her very unique hymen!  3 & 4 fingers get stuffed, and then she tries the rabbit vibrator.  In brings her to a stronger orgasm, very quickly!  Just to watch her perfect breasts bounce, we make her run around the pool a bit…

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FTV Girl Valerie FTV Girl Valerie FTV Girl Valerie
ftv ftv-sabrina FTV Girl Valerie FTV Girl Valerie

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