FTV Girl Trista

Hi, I’m Trista, and though you’ll probably not recognize me from my shoot with FTV, I’ve been posing nude on the web and magazines for 3 years now. In fact, I’m a Penthouse Pet, and was one of the contestants for the Pet of the Year. But when you see me there, its a lot of airbrushing and makeup. Nobody has ever seriously shot me in glasses and how I really look in real life before. And that’s what I liked about this whole experience from beginning to end, I didn’t end up airbrushed or made up to look like some imaginary model. The photographer appreciated me for who I am, and liked me in my ‘natural’ look. He still got ‘glam’ style out of me, but so different from what I’m used to. My hair isn’t straigtened, my tattoos aren’t airbrushed out, and I’m wearing virtually no makeup. My name is Jassie on the magazines by the way

ftv trista ftv trista ftv trista
ftv trista ftv trista ftv trista

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