FTV Girl Roxy

She is FTV Girl Roxy, another hot update from ftv girls. FTV Roxi is dating a very rich CEO of a major corporation, she wanted to do a shoot at his house, and show off her lifestyle. Since her ‘man’ was totally up for it, we had a guest photographer shoot her in California. She walks around downtown LA and does some flashing, then puts on a bikini, parading around the grand pool area. Bouncing around on a trampoline, she takes her top off, then finds a stairway to finger and rub her private parts. Putting her hair up, she swims naked at the pool, then uses a toy to masturbate in the sauna. Then at an outdoor shower, she uses a rather large vibrator to pound her private parts some more! FTV Roxy is extremelly rich and you can see a glorious shine on her body confirming this. She talks very cutely and masturbates very hard and she prefer to do masturbation in private rather than public. FTV Girl Roxy is just a sample babe of what we have inside. FTV Girls is full of gorgeous teens posing nude for the first time ever and showing everything you can think off. If you love rich girls but haven’t seen anything yet, don’t miss this train. Click Here for Instant Access and Start downloading in one minute.

FTV Cameron FTV Cameron FTV Cameron
ftv ftv-sabrina FTV Cameron FTV Cameron

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