FTV Girl Orianna

She is FTV Girl Orianna and she is a totally first timer. FTV Orianna has never done anything like this before. Orianna tries to get naked and masturbate for the first time on camera for FTV Girls. FTV Girl Orianna slowly stripteases for us, then spreading and giving us extreme closeups of her private parts.  In FTV style, stretching her labia and show us her clit. FTV Orianna has got a very sensitive clit and even touching it makes her got to heaven. Orianna masturbates with an egg vibrator, and she has a very strong, natural orgasm. We find out that its been 4 months since she’s had one!! Reading a book together, her and Danielle end up in a topless pillow fight… then Danielle grabs her legs and keeps her butt up as Orianna masturbates one more time.  They get flirtatious and start making out, touching each other… After a lunch, they go to a park where she does cartwheels and other acrobatic stuff, all bottomless…

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FTV Orianna FTV Orianna FTV Orianna
FTV Orianna FTV Orianna FTV Orianna

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