FTV Girl Miyu

Meet with Miyu From FTV Girls. Miyu is posing naked on the camera for the first time ever and this cute half-Korean hottie visits a busy mall, and we catch her exposing her full, firm B/C cup breasts… Our very popular Danielle hooks up with her, and together get all public at the mall, flashing their breasts and exposing their private parts! 

They visit a bookstore, and videotape each other, getting even more explicit.  Some more flashing at a restaurant, and Miyu goes home to strip down completely naked.  She gets rubbed by Danielle, and then masturbates to a nice, strong, natural orgasm.  The chemistry only grows between the two girls, as Danielle rubs her private parts, and helps us get some extreme closeups.  On the comfy bed, Miyu tries out some sexy lingerie, while we watch her strip and get played with.  Finally, she picks a blue corset, and decides to use a unique toy for masturbation.

FTV Girl Miyu is simply amazing sexy and watching her videos is really breathtaking. Her breasts are full sized and really full of milk. She has done some stunning hot breast massage videos and extreme closeups of her super hot body!

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FTV Girl Shanel FTV Girl Shanel FTV Girl Shanel
FTV Girl Shanel FTV Girl Shanel FTV Girl Shanel

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