FTV Girl Merilyn

She is merilyn from ftv girls and her breasts are simply out of control. She is from texas and her breasts are extremely tight and round. To be precise, I’ve never seen such shape of breasts and they really some look mangoes to me. Her areolas are big than usual and light colored and her nipples are pinkish. She looks sexy as hell and she has never done any nudes before.

FTV Merilyn breasts are god gifted and she never done anything to gain the size. Along with time, she has got really nice, natural, firm and pointed breasts. Her breasts is her main attraction and no matter what she wore during she shoot, her breasts were looking gorgeous! She is shy and after some warming up, she jumps on the breasts, let her tits bounce and you know bouncing tits looks sexy as well. We have taken some very extreme closeups of her private parts and her pussy is more beautiful than her breasts! She uses a vibrator to reach orgasm, poses in bikini, does naked yoga, play with breasts and lots more stuff! Join now and enjoy the best life has to offer!

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Marilyn FTV Girls

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