FTV Girl Luna

She is Luna From FTV Girls and we watch Luna walking the restaurant rwo at night and follow her as she exposes her big breasts there. Then she visits a local furniture store and after meeting with Danielle, she gets ready for masturbation. After reaching home, Luna is really very horny and she starts masturbating! This time FTV Girl Luna has a strong, natural orgasm rather quickly! FTV Luna has perfect breasts. Her breasts are really firm, large and fully natural.

Then Luna is ready for a hard breast massage with Danielle, together getting their breasts rubbed from every angle. We have taken some very closeup shots of her breasts during massage and the video of that scene is guaranteed to stare at her breasts with your mouth wide open. She then puts on some sexy lingerie of various sizes and colors, leading to a favorite pink one.  Using a vibrator, she starts masturbating on the bed, and has one very strong orgasm… but that is not enough and has a second one!  Notice the strong contractions on orgasm.  She gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts, stretching out her long labia.  Danielle fingers her, and exposes the sticky juices from her orgasm.  On the next day, we see Luna in a sexy workout outfit and pigtails, fooling around in the gym, and flashing her breasts when she can.  She does get caught… so we head over to a mountain hiking trail for some more mischief. Then things get rather kinky, as she tries stuffing three limes inside her, taking some effort to push them out…  There’s milky juices all over them. 

There is much much more of FTV Luna inside. We have just added 5 GB of Luna Videos to Members area and all videos are in true HD quality. You can see every inch of her body very clearly. FTV Luna is just one beauty, we have over 360 beauties inside exposing their fully natural body for the first time ever. If you love young girls and their virgin, fully shaped body Click Here to Join FTV Girls We will show you the real heaven!

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FTV Girl Luna FTV Girl Luna FTV Girl Luna
FTV Girl Luna FTV Girl Luna FTV Girl Luna

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