FTV Girl Louisa

She is Louisa and gorgeous enought to make your dick rock solid. She is so innocent and beautiful that you can not imagine. We see Louisa in a sexy purple dress walk by… FTV Girl Louisa smiles for us and flashes her breasts and private parts!  Risking it further, FTV Louisa starts fingering herself on the steps of this place and shows off her ‘juicy’ butt.  Going into the department store, Louisa gets more risque and flashes some more, and videotapes herself trying on several outfits in the changeroom.  Going home, she has this very special ‘magic wand’ and uses to masturbate to a nice strong orgasm.  Not enough the first time, FTV Girl Louisa masturbates again, to another second, stronger orgasm!  Notice the strong contractions.  Putting on some cute clothes for us in the bathroom, she picks a sexy outfit for us… At the restaurant she is interviewed with her breasts all out and gives us some upskirt views…

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FTV Louisa FTV Louisa FTV Louisa
FTV Louisa FTV Louisa FTV Louisa

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