FTV Girl Lizzie

Welcome FTV Girl Lizzie! Lizzie has not shaved her pussy yet and we are proud to present it to you in all natural way, nothing adulterated. You can checkout golden hairs covering her tight pussy and look at lizzie’s breasts! They are who want to fly but can not. We seen very busty 19 year old Lizzie exposing her breasts, and rubbing herself all alone… so Alison approaches lizzie, and has some fun playing with her full natural breasts, and getting her to flash them everywhere! Going to the arcade, they continue their play, and move indoors so that Lizzie can masturbate in private. She uses a vibrator, in a long masturbation that brings her to two intense orgasms… and we get to see her redhead bush up close. Later in the day, it starts to rain, but that doesn’t stop her from going outside at the pool, in her summer dress and start playing with herself again. She walks down several busy streets, exposing her breasts as people drive by, then finding a spot right at the entrance of her apartment complex to start masturbating, right out there in heavy rain!

ftv girl lizzie

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