FTV Girl Liora

She is Liora and ofcourse she is not a teen. She is a mom and Liora wanted to pose for ftv girls for a long time. This time she got a chance and believe us, she is as sexual as teens are. She has got a sick tight pussy and a lovely juicy pussy to make love all the day. Her breasts are pretty big as well as extremely tight as you can see in the pictures. She does some posing in public and while the people caught her posing, she is not shy at all. She returns to hotel and masturbates with monster ftv toy and had a very strong leg throbbing milky while orgasm. She squirts really thick juicy from her pussy and her smile is extremely sexy. Being a doctor is real life, Liora is one of the hottest moms we have ever met and this is the first time a mom is posing on ftv girls. But She is well worth our effort and we are sure you would enjoy this extrmely sexual lady.

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