FTV Girl Jayme

She is FTV Girl Jayme. Jayme is a rich little girl who lives by herself, in the fanciest of houses… so we catch Jayme nude sunbathing and skinny-dipping at her pool… then checking her out as she masturbates on the bed.  She’s a very cute ftv girl, and when she invites Alison over, we see how tiny she is.  Gorgeous green eyes and the sweetest face, she warms up to Alison Angel, smiling and having fun getting naked for her.  Together they get touch-feely, playing with each others’ breasts, and kissing each other.  Alison watches as she masturbates to ftv orgasm, then they go out to play, do some nude teases, and talk about sex.  Back at the fancy home, they play strip pool, and eventually Jayme ends up on the pool table, with Alison seducing her with a toy, bringing her to orgasm.  She curls up on Alison’s body, resting her head on Alison’s full breasts.  Later in the day, Alison gives her a nice breast and butt massage, pulling her butt cheeks open, and gives her another toy to play with for one last orgasm.  FTV Jayme reminds us a little of our very popular Rose, with a mix of Fiona inbetween.

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FTV Jayme FTV Jayme FTV Jayme
FTV Jayme FTV Jayme FTV Jayme

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