FTV Girl Hailey

Coming to the FTV house with Alison, FTV Girl Hailey gets right to masturbating with a vibrator, then finds her own special kind from her luggage, and and gets to a strong orgasm that has her exhausted but very satisfied! Knowing that she is capable of extremes, we jump to the FTV Monster toy, and are we shocked at FTV Girl Hailey abilities! As petite as she is, she manages to take more than half of that monster in, and ride it deep and hard! FTV Girl Hailey spreads herself open wide, and we can see deep down to her cervix… Having fun with Alison playing baseball outside, the soon discover that the baseball bat can be used as a toy too, and FTV Girl Hailey takes it deep and hard, with Alison helping bringing her to an orgasm that surprised all of us! Getting into cute bra & panties, she then takes on three toys, double-penetrating her vagina, streching herself wide. We realize that she has a very easy time reaching orgasm, and using the 3 toys FTV Girl Hailey has another… Finally she gets to ride the Glass FTV Toy, which she takes hard and deep, for a very sexy ride!

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FTV Girls hailey FTV Girls hailey FTV Girls hailey
FTV Girls hailey FTV Girls hailey FTV Girls hailey

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