FTV Girl Faye

She is FTV Girl Faye and FTV Faye is a very cute freckly redhead just turned 18 in the summer, and now she is trying her way into adult! FTV Teen Faye likes to masturbate, and only recently discovered sex. We follow Faye into the house, then watch her undress, and play with her very firm full breasts. Her Breasts are really well developed and the firmness of those breasts is just unbelievable. We catch glimpses up her skirt as she plays with a puppy and then we see her change into a black dress & heels, rubbing herself on the bathroom counter. Using a small vibrator, FTV Babe Faye masturbates long and hard until she has a strong orgasm using a vibrator and a dildo. Out at a resort and restaurant, she gives us some breast flashing and upskirt… Back at the house, FTV Babe Faye puts on a very sexy shirt & heels, uses a glass toy to penetrate herself deep, and shows us how far she can go. Then it suddenly goes extreme, when she attempts to fist for her first time and succeeds, going deep! She actually enjoys it, and does it for a while until she is too horny and goes back to a vibrator — but what a twist ending, when she ends up fisting again and having an orgasm from it! To finish things off, FTV Girls Faye cools down at a pool and gives us more views of her breast & butt, giving her breasts a hard massage.

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