FTV Erika

FTV Erika Is Back! A very cute and innocent teen from FTV Girls. FTV Erika is back after a long time and she is more cute and now her breasts are also very beautiful! After a little interview of ftv girl erika and flash at a restaurant, Erika meets up with Alison, shows off some of the outfits she brought with her, and brings up some of her videos when she was 18. Alison offers her a toy, and Erika masturbates right there, in the computer room and has a very strong orgasm leaving milky juices behind! Alison makes her try out a schoolgirl outfit, puts her hair in pigtails, and gives her a breast massage; then they go out to a park with a playground, and do all sorts of nude flashing and upskirt that could get them caught! The playfulness and running around leads to another masturbation and another very nice orgasm… right there at the park! Later in the day, all by herself, she starts fingering deep, using 3 & 4 fingers, and then finds the giant FTV Monster toy and start outrageous masturbation. This is just one clip for one shoot of her. We have about 7 different shoots of erika inside, means over 5GB of Erika FTV Videos! There is one special suite in which ftv erika is pregnant and she lactates a lot of milk from her perky tits! FTV Erika Pregnant shoot is hotter than hell! She is not the only girl we have inside, we have over 292 girls inside (And counting) and over 260+ GB of Full Videos!Joining takes less than 30 seconds and you just need to click here.

FTV Erika FTV Erika FTV Erika
FTV Erika Pregnant FTV Erika Pregnant FTV Erika Pregnant

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