FTV Denise

She is Denise from ftv girls and she was introduced to us by Ilena. She is Ilena’s best friend and finally turned 18 and wants a shoot for FTV Girls. She is totally a first timer and her debut was amazing on ftv girls. Ileana is helping her throughout the shoot and this was just an amazing experience for denise. Denise has never done masturbation with vibrator before and this experience was very pleasing for her. More posing and playing, and she’s masturbating with two vibrators this time to an even stronger orgasm. On the next day, we visit a gym where she does her boxing exercises, and shows off her boxing skills. She flashes her nipples and butt, and gets caught doing it! So she takes the camera to the locker room to play with herself… She then puts on a cute schoolgirl (cheerleader) outfit on (she’s still in High School!) and does some stretching and sexy butt views. Out on the grass, she does some cartwheels and acrobatics. To cool down, she uses a water hose, pushing it deep inside her, and making water squirt out! Some kinky & sexy views of her squirting away and even gets the photographer soaked with her powerful vagina muscles! She is rather tight… The activities continue as she visits a very busy pool party, runs into Lia, and gets all naked for a photoshoot right there! The guys seem to enjoy it… Back home, she attempts to do some fisting, but ends up doing 4 fingers, and then tries out the Big Ten Toy. Though its too big for her, she takes it surprisingly deep! Enjoy this fresh face, another First Time Video girl :)

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FTV Girl Denise

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