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Welcome to the part 2 of my Hawaii trip where things get even crazier! I’ve got to point out that only with my FTV shoots I get all naked in public. My heart is racing all the time but its a lot more exciting doing the FTV shoots. So anyways, if you’ve never been to Hawaii, you got to see the water! Its so beautiful, crystal clear and warm! I was afraid of the big waves though so I stayed away from them. I started running around naked and the surfers started noticing. All the running around and the fresh salty air woke me all up since I was up since 4:30am getting ready for this sunrise shoot. The sand is all so clean golden too but I was freezing in the morning part. Once I got topless I didn’t care about covering up anymore, everyone seems so cool about it. By the way my eyes squint a lot because I’m crystal blue eyed and so I’m sensitive to bright light. Join me and Inside member’s area you’ll find something you have never ever seen! 200000+ MB of Full Length Videos and hundreds of beauties in FTV Girls.

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