Drew FTV Girls

FTV Girl Drew is amazing and she has never done any nudes before. She is very excited to pose naked for ftv girls. She desparately wants to see If she can have orgasms on the video. She flashes her breasts in public and gets caught. She returns to home and start masturbating with her fingers. She is new to masturbation to so takes a bit of time to arouse her clitoris and then she has an amazing orgasm. You can notice extremely strong vaginal contractions. She is used to masturbating using her fingers and for the first time ever, she decided to try a toy to masturbate.

By using a vibrator, she masturbates again and this time having a more stronger orgasms. It is very exciting to watch her vagina’s contractions when she is nearing orgasms. This is just amazing. We have taken some very extreme closeups of her private parts. She is sexy and something you’ve never ever seen before! Enjoy your stay with ftv girls and Join now to start downloading the treasure of videos!

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FTV Girls Drew

FTV Girl llena

Just turned 18 two weeks ago, we’ve been excited to see her show it all for FTV!  A total First Time Video Girl, she’s never done anything like this before!  We see her come out of a movie theater, in tight butt shorts and cute heels — and with a big smile on her face.  She’s that excited… and her wonderful personality shows through.  Not bashful at all, she flashes around the mall, and goes completely naked (and gets caught doing it!).  She’s horny too, taking a vibrator and masturbating until she has a nice, strong, natural orgasm.  She’s so tight… the toy gets stuck inside her, and she can even stand up with it still in her!  Extreme closeups of her private parts as she examines herself in the mirror.  Trying on several cute outfits and panties, she heads out for lunch, and flashes some more at the restaurant.  Getting more frisky by the minute, she’s fingering herself on a mall bench as people catch her in action! 

 At home, she uses an egg vibrator to masturbate again and watches herself in the mirror as she has her orgasm.  On the bed, we get more extreme closeups of her penetrating herself, and stretching & spreading her labia.  Then, on a more ‘mature’ look, she’s in a blue dress & heels, finds a chair, and fingers herself.  Three, four, five fingers… and she’s trying to fist!  Even taking it further, she tries out the FTV Monster toy!  Crazy to see that petite body try to take it on.  Later that night, putting her hair in pigtails, she gives herself a hard breast and butt massage (erotic!) and even fingers her butt.  Showing off her talents, she does some amazing acrobatics, and then masturbates once more in the pink room.  Very cute, perfect figure, she is another great addition to FTV :)

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FTV Girls llena

FTV Girls Vanesa

She is Vanesa from ftv girls. She did her first time video with ftv girls two years back and since than, now she is more sexy, chubby and open minded. She loves white dress and It suits her perfectly. Her eyes seem boozed and when she is masturbating and moaning, It is very easy to get boozed in her eyes and go into a different world. She has got everything in place and her body is pretty tight. She walks down the street and we can see her butt as the dress is too short!

She gets home and uses a glass toy to masturbate. She is a masturbation addict and she believes that masturbating regularly gives her more pleasure than anything else! She loves using the vibrating toys. She puts the toy on the clitoris and she can feel like another world, where she is having orgasms and more orgasms! She is gorgeous and love to talk dirty! She was sort of dizzy after several orgasms she had…. Her pussy is very tight and she tries to penetrate her pussy with a big toy, but gets no success! If you love beautiful first timer girls, this site is for your and there is no other best website out there, period!

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FTV Girls Vanesa

FTV Girl Courtney

FTV Courtney is amazing and our members loved her! She is having her first time experience with adult and getting naked for the first time ever. She has got a great figure, juicy lickable butt and large natural breasts. Her skin is very healthy and she is just an amazing girl to watch naked. She gets naked quickly and starts masturbating!

Her killer figure shakes while she is masturbating, FTV Girl Courtney is guaranteed to built up tension in your penis. Using her own special vibrator, she has a nice, natural orgasm. We discover that she does like anal play too… so using a glass toy, she penetrates herself anally, then uses a vibrator on her clit. Double penetrating herself, you see milky white juices come out as she enjoys the whole experience! Out at lunch she flashes at a restaurant, as well as a public water fountain — watch those big breasts bounce! Giving herself a breast & butt massage at home, she does something very kinky… using her rather large curling iron as a toy! Penetrating herself deep, we watch the action at a sexy angle. Reading a book in her glasses, we get another look at her body, and then some extreme closeups of her private parts as she plays with herself down there. Then she experiments with the Vibraking toy, and we watch as her juices build up again, and start to drip down… Enjoy this fresh-faced teen, she’s another total First Time Video Girl :)

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