FTV Girl Merilyn

She is merilyn from ftv girls and her breasts are simply out of control. She is from texas and her breasts are extremely tight and round. To be precise, I’ve never seen such shape of breasts and they really some look mangoes to me. Her areolas are big than usual and light colored and her nipples are pinkish. She looks sexy as hell and she has never done any nudes before.

FTV Merilyn breasts are god gifted and she never done anything to gain the size. Along with time, she has got really nice, natural, firm and pointed breasts. Her breasts is her main attraction and no matter what she wore during she shoot, her breasts were looking gorgeous! She is shy and after some warming up, she jumps on the breasts, let her tits bounce and you know bouncing tits looks sexy as well. We have taken some very extreme closeups of her private parts and her pussy is more beautiful than her breasts! She uses a vibrator to reach orgasm, poses in bikini, does naked yoga, play with breasts and lots more stuff! Join now and enjoy the best life has to offer!

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Marilyn FTV Girls

FTV Girl Holly

She is ftv girl holly and she is from arizona. Her age is 18 years old which she completed a few months back. She has never posed naked anywhere, even not in the bikini. She is very excited to pose naked for ftv girls. She is a tall, slim and busty cutie who has no problem in getting naked and doing masturbation on camera. She believe that If god has awarded you with beauty, why no show it off and let other enjoy?

We start making her video in the neighborhood where she gives us some upskirt views and bounces her tits. She fingers herself in the street but couldn’t reach the orgasm. She goes to a golf course, gets completely naked there but gets caught. Now holly ftv girl is very horny and she needs some intense masturbation to get the stress out of her body. She gets home and fingers herself hard to reach a orgasm. She is not satisfied yet and want to pound her pussy. She take a dildo and starts masturbating again. This time she gets naughty and gives us some extreme closeups of her very wet vagina. That video is worth watching for any price. She takes a ftv toy and starts double penetration in her pussy. After a bubble bath, she rides the sybian machine and reach to the point where she is completely tired! Enjoy holly ftv time ever video on ftv girls!

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Holly FTV Girls

FTV Girl Katie

There is nothing like ftv girl katie in the whole world. She is super cute babe with full rosy lips, she looks like she should be playing the part of Snow White!  She gives some some upskirt view at the restaurant and then masturbates hard like never before using a cucumber in her tight pussy. Getting back to home, she is ready to show us her hot body. She lifts her top and shows us her perfect breasts. Her breasts are extremely beautiful, the nipples are right in the middle and they are so tight. FTV Katie does a slight massage of her tits and showed their real tightness on the camera.

Then she bared her pussy and used a strong vibrator to get the orgasm she wants. She is used to masturbating with fingers but the rabbit vibrator gave her a totally different masturbation experience. Watch her ftv pussy getting wet and juice building up just like you want to see!Then in just a trench coat and boots, she heads over to the train tracks, and catches the attention of track employees as she masturbates right there with her fingers!  In a purple dress, we see how flexible she is as she does the splits, then with a rather large and super thick dildo, she gives it a deep ride.  Since she can stretch her legs so wide, she can take it all down on the floor… Rilee is one of the most sexiest girls we have ever filmed for ftv girls. Enjoy your stay!

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FTV Girl Rilee

She is Rilee from ftv girls and just a few months back, she has turned 18. This experience is totally new for her on first time videos. Rilee is very cute, innocent, tall and sexy. She has never posed naked before but only in bikini. We want her to pose naked for ftv girls. We go to a restaurant where rilee flashes her body and rubbing herself to turn on. The she gets completely naked there! coming back, she rubs her pussy with her fingers harder and harder.She tries several different outfits and shows off her juicy butt. She starts masturbation again with a huge rabbit vibrator leading to a milky white orgasm. She takes her juice on her finger, shows it on the camera and then licks it! Rilee loves masturbation and her pussy is very tight. She surprises us by squirting during masturbation and spreads for us.

We have taken some real closeups shots of her teenage pussy. She is simply gorgeous and doing it for the first time ever. You can watch the strong contractions when she is nearing orgasm. One after another, she got several orgasms in a row. Enjoy this first time video of rilee and join now to see more smoking hot ftv girls.

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Rilee FTV Girls