FTV Girls Amber Anna Lesbians

Amber and Anna from ftv girls, these two girls are REAL life lesbians. This is the second lesbian shoot is ftv girls after Lena and Michaela and It is really lava hot as the first one was. They both are pretty young and Virgin and loves each other like you love your girlfriend. Anna and Amber loves each other and never had done anyting on the camera before. This is their first time shoot on the camera and you are going to witness this amazing hot lesbian sex. We do lesbian shoots rarely on ftvgirls. But Amber and Anna were not to be missed.

These teens have done everything with each other on the videos inside ftv girls. They has masturbated together, kissed each other so passionately that you won’t be able to hold your cock from arousing. They even exposed at the public places without any fear that people are looking at them. They just love each other and pleasing each other is their only goal. Amber and anna contacted ftv girls and when we came to know that Amber and Anna are a real life lesbian couple living in Portland, we had to have them come down for a two day shoot to please our members! Amber and Anna are living together for 6 months and having sex almost daily. They love to play with nipples and rub under each other’s skirts! After coming home, Anna and Amber tried several outfits, rub each other pussy, masturbate with the biggest glass today, fist each other’s pussy and much much more. We can guarantee, you would never forget this amazing lesbian shoot of Amber and Anna. 

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FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie
FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie

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FTV Girls Michelle

She is Michelle from ftv girls, a really innocent and slim teen you would love to watch in action. FTV Girl Michelle looks amazingly sexy in this violet outfit and her body tone is simply amazing. She has the figure a real 18 year old untouched teen would have. She is leggy and loves to wear shot outfits. FTV Michelle has done one shoot with ftv girls in the past and that was very popular among the members.

When it comes to masturbation, we have not seen a girl like her. Most of the girls have internal orgasms or say you really can’t see much cum dripping from the pussy but in the case of Michelle, this is totally the another way. When Michelle masturbates with the biggest dildo, you can see huge amount of cum dripping out from her pussy and Michelle even licks it with her fingers. Michelle is a masturbation queen and watching her masturbation videos will put your computer screen on fire. This is something never before seen!

In short, FTV Girl Michelle is addicted to masturbation. She even can’t live a day without masturbating. She don’t care about how many orgrams she is having, she will keep doing it as long as It is real fun. Hats off to those masturbation videos you can not find anywhere else.

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FTV Girls Michelle FTV Girls Michelle FTV Girls Michelle
FTV Girls Michelle FTV Girls Michelle FTV Girls Michelle

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FTV Girls Mandie

She is FTV Mandie, a really juicy and chubby babe from FTV Girls. Just look at madie’s figure, she has never ever posed naked on the camera and she is doing it for the first for ftv girls. You can be sure that you are the first one to see her naked. The first thing you would notice on this ftv girl is her juicy body, innocent face and amazing sexy gree eyes. She looks simply gorgeous in black outfit and this is what we tried in the first shoot. She also have one of the most beautiful lickable legs we have ever seen! There is nothing we could findn wrong in Mandie.

Mandie is addicted to masturbation and her pussy is really virgin. Those pussy clips are closed together like the red rose and just need to be opened. She was shy masturbating on the camera but the big vibrator did the trick. She used to masturbate with fingers but when we gave her this vibrating machine, she was happy and enjoyed the masturbation really good. Mandie even told us that she felt masturbating with dildo is way good than using fingers. Mandies breasts are awesome as well, not too big and not small either, Just perfect. The virginity is a gift of god and you can feel it only on ftv girls.

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FTV Girls Mandie FTV Girls Mandie FTV Girls Mandie
FTV Girls Mandie FTV Girls Mandie FTV Girls Mandie

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FTV Girls Stephanie

She is Stephanie and she is gorgeous! Look at her pretty face and a well shaped body. When she smiles those dimples on her cheeks look too good. Stephanie desired to shoot for ftv girls early this her and after seeing her pics, there was no way we could deny her. Stephanie is not shy at all in taking her clothes off, she would show you everything you want to see as she is open minded. Modeling is not her full time job, but she loves to expose. In FTV Girl Stephanie, we have specially seen two things, her butt and her legs. You won’t believe but all we can say is a ass and legs can not be more beautiful. In short, Stephanie proudly owns a spot less body. Quite frankly, Stephanie tells us that masturbation is her addition and she indeed loves intense masturbation. Regardless to what Stephanie finds for masturbation, she is ready to enjoy it in her pussy. In a shoot, she was pretty horny for masturbation but when she didn’t find anything, she used a pen to masturbate! OMG! It might hurt, but in Stephanie’s words, no pain equals to no gain. There are about 10 videos of Stephanie inside ftv girls and all of them are explosive. You would specially love a video in which she shows extreme closeups of her pussy.

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FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie
FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie FTV Girls Stephanie

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FTV Girls Katelynn

She is FTV Girl Katelynn, A totally amateur teen who is posing naked for the first time for ftv girls. Just look at her cute innocent face and deep green eyes, there is no way you won’t fall in love with Katelynn. She was very shy posing naked on the camera but after one test shoot, she did everything perfectly. Katelynn looked gorgeous in the pink fronk she is wearing and her tits are still growing. Inside member’s area, we have some real closeups of Katelynn breasts, you can see every details of her and the marks of virginity on her breasts.

Katelynn is not a model, she is a local college student and we meet with her in a club. She was wearing a jeans and was looking amazingly sexy. She has got everything, Long, sexy legs, beautiful face, and a perfect butt, we wanted to see her naked so that our members can see this amazing beauty masturbating on their computer screen. She agreed to shoot with ftv girls! We have many videos of Ketelynn inside and all of those videos are in extremely good HD quality. FTV Katelynn does everything in those videos, She masturbates with big dildos several time and had more powerful orgasms everytime. Katelynn strips down completely, gets horny and starts fingering herself. At home, she masturbates with a big glass toy and there is much more to see inside members area.

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FTV Girls Katelynn FTV Girls Katelynn FTV Girls Katelynn
FTV Girls Katelynn FTV Girls Katelynn FTV Girls Katelynn

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FTV Girls Veronica

She is Veronica From FTV Girls and the figure of a teen can’t get more beautiful than her. We saw veronica in a hotel’s balcony where she was playing with her breasts and pussy. We have received BIG THANKS from many members of ftv girls and some of them have even asked, Is she legal? Yes, Veronica just turned 18 a month ago and now she is posing nude for the very first time for ftv girls. Look at the freshness of Veronica’s face, you can simply understand what the word ‘virgin’ means.

We wanted her to pose for ftv girls and in starting she was very shy to accept this but when she saw pictures and videos of hundreds of other babes who have posed for ftv girls, she was ready in no time. FTV Veronica walks down the street and finds a public place to settle and get naked, starting to play with herself and no care for the drivers passing by! When she gets come, she gets a comfortable bed and masturbates to two intense orgasms. One of those orgasms is extremely strong and watching those videos would make you cum, you can clearly notice the the multiple strong contractions. Then Veronica from ftv girls talks about her personal sex life and then tries some really cute outfits for us. Then she goes to massage her full breasts and gives us every view of those virgin breasts so that you can enjoy them. Glass toy is second love of Veronica after masturbation. She get glass toy and starts masturbating again to a milky wet, rich orgasm. Then She comes to bathroom and stuffes her red pany in her gorgeous hole. She goes for another masturbation and find a vibrator and masturbates again to another sexy, natural orgasm.

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FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey
FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey

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FTV Girls Lacey

She is Lacy from ftv girls and she has got a really supertight body. She told us that she has NEVER been touched by a man and she is completely virgin. We see a new life in FTV Girls Lacy eyes, they are so beautiful and so bright, honest she is everything I want in my wife. A great ass, supertight milky breasts, awesome sexy face and big brown eyes to die for. We met Lacey in a garden and gone mad at her eyes!

We asked her If she will pose of ftv girls and Lacey got agree in no time. She was using a very very sexy perfume which even turned on the photograher hehe Coming closer, FTV Lacey flashed her virgin breasts to us without caring that there are skateboarders everywhere! Finally She gets bottomless, and we check out the perfect butt and a lovely pussy which just demands to be licked like mad. Then Lacky goes into her bedroom and starts masturbating using fingers and a dildo which is specially for ftv girls. Lacey has a milky wet orgasm! At lunchtime, she goes completely topless in a restaurant for the whole time! Some extreme closeups of Lacey are next, along with some foot fetish. Next its time for the rabbit vibrator, and she has a nice strong orgasm from it.

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FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey
FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey FTV Girls Lacey

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