FTV Babe Risi

FTV Babe Risi is Only 18, and petite as can be… she’s getting naked (and doing a whole lote more) for her very first time on FTV! We check out her firm round breasts, nice butt, and beautiful face! Big blue eyes, innocent smile… she starts fingering herself, then goes to the bed to masturbate. Using a vibrator, she has a nice, natural & strong orgasm. Hair in pigtails, she gets a little playful, and shows off how she can do the splits, or put her legs behind her head! We find out that she loves rock climbing… Hiking in 108 degree temperatures, on Camelback mountain, this girl has a lot of stamina! Her body is fit and perfect, she stretches, then goes topless and getting attention of hikers… does some topless rock climbing, then finds a shaded spot to finger herself. Going home, she uses another vibrator, to have one last orgasm, all glistening with sweat. FTV Babes is full of gorgeous girls showing their wet pussy. Tania, Tabetha, Jessica, Alison are a very fre hotties to name. Can you imagine over 271 different girls (and counting) and 240+ GB of Videos! You can see the most gorgeous girls in the world masturbating in front of you with the biggest dildos ever! You can see them inserting ftv toy in their cute pink pussies. Join now and believe that girls masturbate more than boys.

Ftv risi Ftv risi Ftv risi
Ftv risi Ftv risi Ftv risi

Busty FTV Babe

This is a shoot that was long in planning — she is brand new, and very innocent and busty ftv girl! With an introductory shot that was done 3 months ago, to a brand new visit, where she finally gets naked for the first time, and shows us how extremely sexual she is and how busty she is! Starting with some flashing & play after picking up a very special Supercar at a dealership, she returns home for an intense masturbation… leaving her with a milky wet orgasm. The play continues in a cute nightie, where she gives us a nice breast massage, then gets horny enough to masturbate again. This time its longer and more intense, having two orgasms in the sunset. Later that night, more flashing at a restaurant… She one of those sweet down-to-earth girls who is full of fun & smiles :) Her name is FTV Kaityln and she is just lovely. Her breasts are very big for a teen girl and she looks awesome. She also loves to masturbate with the ftv dildo for an intense orgams leaving the bed completely wet. Join now and you are goona love this busty ftv girl. More busty ftv girls and babes are waiting for you inside.

Ftv Kaityln Ftv Kaityln Ftv Kaityln
Ftv Kaityln Ftv Kaityln Ftv Kaityln

Karlie FTV

Her name is Karlie and she is Scottish-born, but lived most of her life here in the US. She is the kind of girl who always loved sex and masturbation since she discovered them, and she keep sexually active. Times when she is not busy with a guy, or even sometimes in the morning or night if she dont have an orgasm, she like to masturbate with her fingers or a ftv vibrator. Just like here when she wake up, she like to lightly rub herself and feel how her kitty is doing for the day. Sometimes she wants it fast, sometimes slow, but its always ready. Karlie ftv have pretty blue eyes, dont you think? Here is what ftv girl karlie says in her own words :-

” I’m just lucky to be blessed with a nice butt and firm breasts. I do go to the gym sometimes but nothing special. Maybe its sex that helps keep me in shape, because I do it a lot. Sometimes in the mirror I’ll look at my body, and how its changed over the years, my butt is fuller, and my breasts have grown. ”

We took a lot of photos of ftv girl karie here, it was a place like a mall and office building area combined. Not many people around this time of day so the shoot went well without trouble. There were a few businessmen who were watching from the distance, and I could tell that they were trying to figure out if this was just a fashion shoot or something more was going on. Probably was hard to see at that distance, until my skirt went up and I spread my bum. FTV Karlie loves to masturbate and lies to lie on her back and there is o better place then bed and let the legs spread wide for a burning hot ftv orgasm. Karlie have a very small kitty and sometimes three fingers is hard to push in unless she’ve had a long sex day. In the video, you can see inside she gets the shoes off and get comfortable on the bed, close her eyes, and think sexy thoughts. Then karlie start rubbingher kitty with her right hand, then faster & faster! We have over 1GB of ftv karlie videos inside, all burning hot and guaranteed to make you extremely wet! Check out some pics and Join FTV Girls Now! Over 250 GB of Videos!

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Karlie FTV Karlie FTV Karlie FTV

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FTV Babe Jessica

FTV Babe Jessica is a very sweet and hot ftv girl. She catches everyone’s attention with the long legs and poses fully nude in a busty mall!… then goes to the Mercedes Supercar and drives off. Soon enough the cars’ top is down, and so is hers! With her full natural breasts exposed, driving, she finds a place to stop, and goes completely naked to masturbate with ftv dildo for a intense ftv orgasm. She is a perfect ftv babe or we should say jessica ftv rose! She is a perfect ftv blonde whoe gave got everything a man would love to see in a teen! She has got nice tits, silky legs, soft hands and a perfect tight pink pussy. She loves to masturbate on sofa with big ftv dildo so that she can get the orgasm she deserves. During masturbation, ftv babe jessica is moaning with the extreme pleasure and lick the dildo from time to time. You can see her tight ftv pussy in DVD quality ftv videos! All the action in uncut and you can see the real juice dripping out of wet cunts! Jessica loves to get wet again for another ograsms in ftv style this time with the biggest ftv rabbit vibrator. She drills her pussy with that and enjoys one more powerful leg throbbing orgram you would love to watch. If you love ftv babe jessica, you will love all the teen babes inside. This is not the only girl we have inside. Member’s area contains Over 250 FTV Blondes inside doing hottest action. And Ofcourse we update the site on a regular basis to add fresh content Once you see them, you jaws will be on the floor. Check it out!!! Click Here to Join Now for $16 a Month!

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Ftv Jessica Ftv Jessicav Ftv Jessica

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FTV Babe Christina

Another Cock Bursting Girl From FTV. Her Tits are perhaps the sexiest tits you have even seen on Internet. She loves to masturbate with FTV Dildo and loves milky wet orgasms. Join FTV Girls Now and you can understand what beauty is. Just remember to breath when you watch her videos! Videos Quality is so good that you will feel like she is just in front of you. Feel the sweet smell of Gorgeous Beautiful Girls only on FTV Girls. Over 250 rare beauties inside with over 225 GB of DVD Quality Videos!! You are gonna love these sweet and hot ftv girls.

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FTV Babe FTV Girl teen FTV Girl teen

FTV Teen Estelle

Estelle is a tall, sultry & sexy woman, with a pair of natural supersized breasts that almost look like implants! But her extremes will be what will shock most members. Catching her taking a shower & shave, checking out those perfect breasts and sensual body, she then puts on some makeup, dries herself up, and finds a sexy bra & panties to model in. Then she masturbates with a vibrator, bringing in the Big Ten toy for hard, deep sex, then another vibrator for some very strong orgasms! Very hot views, and tasty white come starts building up as she pounds herself with the Big Ten. Then the photographer comes in to assist, pounding her harder and deeper with the Big Ten, then fingering her deep, and even attempting to fist her! Then she peels off a banana, and tries to stuff it inside, then eat it… going more extreme with two very long zucchinis, she tries to double penetrate herself and succeeds, taking one of them especially deep anally! A must-see… getting swollen with all the penetration, she tries for our largest toy, the FTV monster, and manages to take it down for a while, but resorts to a vibrator to have another very hot orgasm. Then another sensual shower, where we get to see those fine breasts get massaged, then the photographer joins in and all four hands get to play with her butt, and breasts, in a very intimate moment….

FTV teen FTV Girl teen FTV Girl teen 
FTV teen FTV Girl teen FTV Girl teen
FTV teen FTV Girl teen FTV Girl teen

FTV Trisha

Trisha is simply gorgeous ftv girl and she has good a really cute face. She is just 19 year old yet, but look at her gorgeous milky boobs. Her boobs are extremely tight and when she squeezes them with her soft hands, oh my god.. that looks very sexy. This readhead teen poses in public and shows some nasty action. She flashes her heavenly boobs in public and does nasty masturbation in a part. The she comes back to home, relaxes and then start masturbation again! This time she is moaning very load with extreme pleasure and pinching her nipples very hard. This ends with another intense orgasm in ftv style, leaving the chair completely wet. You are goona love her sweet smile and strawberry coloured pussy. We have taken some extremely closeups of her ftv pussy for your enjoyment. Over 250 rare beauties inside with 225+ GB of DVD Quality Videos.

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Ftv trisha trisha trisha

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FTV Girl Katie

Its by no coincidence that Katie picked out her name for the fact that she looks a lot like the actress Katie Holmes… but probably a lot more sexual as you shall see in the video. She and Alison fool around at a restaurant and park, risking it flashing her breasts, then having her dress up in a sexy black dress, and getting caught at a resort! She goes home to masturbate using her fingers, and has a nice strong natural orgasm. She goes to the dressing room, and tries on several cute lingerie, picking one and ending up on the couch, playing with herself watching TV. Alison comes to seduce her, massaging her breasts and together they start feeling each others full breasts. Katie picks out a toy, and masturbates again, having another strong(er) orgasm! Some extreme closeups of her private parts… later that night, she meets up with Lia, and gives both Lia & Alison a lapdance, then rides a champagne bottle! The next day, we see her playing with herself again, then putting on a cute dress to show off and flash in another restaurant and parking area. After the security guard tells us to leave, she puts on a very sexy black outfit & stockings, then plays with her hairbrush handle like a toy, and has one last orgasm… falling asleep on the bed.

Ftv Katie Ftv Katie Katie
Ftv Katie Katie Katie

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FTV Ruby

We follow this cute redhead ftv teen to a bus stop, where she starts exposing her gorgeous breasts & giving us upskirt views… then to a restaurant area where she starts rubbing her clit and starts fingering… to going back home and masturbating with the rabbit vibrator to a intense ftv orgasm! With some extreme closeups of her private parts, she then puts on another outfit, sexy jeans & tube top, then heads out to flash her breasts at a gas station, car wash, and several other public places (getting completely naked on a street) to get some attention! Going home, she masturbates again, to another orgasm, in just her sexy heels. There is a major radio show host visiting nearby, at a busy bar/club, so we decide to go there and have Ruby flash for all the guys there! Soon guys are grabbing her breasts and taking pictures with their cell phone cameras. Then getting kicked out, more posing and flashing by the Lamborghini while guys ogle the car and the model! She wanted to do some swimming, so then its time for skinny-dipping and some rubbing action at the pool. This ftv girl is simply gorgeous and you are gonna fall in love her. FTV Girls is full of rare beauties and current having over 235000 MB of DVD Quality videos. Thats so much fun and you can join as low as $16 per month. Check out some pics of this ftv babe :)

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