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Another beauty from FTV Girls.The way this gorgeous girl moves, with elegance, we discover that she used to be a ballerina, and still has her amazing flexibility. Walking down an exotic resort in a sexy dress & heels, she shows off that flexibility, and wasted no time — she started rubbing herself, and masturbating for us — right there in the hallway! She exudes sensuality, and you see in her expression how wonderful her orgasm was. But its not over yet… she then plays with her breasts and butt, and goes to a water fountain nearby, and masturbates again to another orgasm! Back home she tries out several sexy lingerie outfits, modeling for us, until she tries on this white fishnet top, with matching white heels. She starts masturbating again, but this time brings out two vibrators — and double penetrates herself, eventually coming to another strong orgasm!

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Oh my god. What a beauty. Her name is becky and it matches with ‘becky’s breasts’! She is pretty tall girl, with heels my breasts seem to be right on level with guys’ faces. She is one of FTV Girls and we know you are already in love with her breasts.

Becky is very beautiful and she gets horny very fast. She loves to masturtabe (hey, have you every seen girls masturbating?) in public places and she don’t need any vibrators. She gets off and do a nasty masturbation with her fingers.

She got to masturbate in the bathroom, and rubbed herself to come really hard. She loves masturbating sometimes more than sex, its just that she can come for real this way, and not act it out. Her right hand and legs get really tired after masturbating, but its so worth it.

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FTV Girls - Lilian

Who would think that an 18 year old could have such large natural breasts! We see her down a busy resort mall, and let her lift that tight shirt up to reveal the firmest pair of DD’s! She’s not shy, so she lifts her shirt up and runs around topless! Finding a more secure but public spot, she starts massaging her breasts, takes her pants off and masturbates with her fingers… a little startling noise has her back at home and masturbating with a vibrator on her clit. Taking her time to enjoy it, she has an orgasm, but asks if she can have another, and uses the rabbit vibrator for second orgasm! She will drive you nuts! Download Free Videos Below and See yourself!

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