FTV Wendy Pregnant

FTV Girl Wendy who posed for us before is now pregnant and she decided to do another shoot for us. Our member’s REALLY like pregnant beauties lactating milk off their tits so It was really exciting for us to shoot her lactating her own precious milk off her perky nipples! Wendy is pregnant this time and her husband is very lucky to have this gorgeous babe as her wife.

Wendy is ‘bigger’ in her shape now and looks way sexy then before. The meat on her body has grown a lot and her tits have been extremely perky. Usually this happens during pregnancy and she is way more beautiful now. She is seven months pregnant and love to show off her red pussy on the camera. She has done several lactation videos on this shoot and you can see her lactating fresh milk on the glass and pinching her nipples for some very hot and thick milk! This shoot is extremely arousing and amazing! Join us now and see ftv wendy pregnant lactating loads of milk off her pinkish nipples!

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FTV Girls Tiffany Adwards

FTV Girls Tiffany Adwards

FTV Tiffany

Tiffany is a total first timer girl and she is going to experience so many things for the first time in her life. She is very shy and not used to getting naked on camera but we want to explore her beauty for our members. we see her in the morning when she is doing her hair and going to breakfast. She loves good weather and after a little warm up from danielle, she had no problems showing her body to us.

She flashes her assets in some very busty area and she is not afraid at all! She is not new to masturbation but yet she has used only her fingers to stimulate her clitoris! For the first time ever in her life we asked her to use banana and she was perfect at masturbating with banana! she pounded her pussy to hard with nasty banana and stuffed it too deep, moaning with pleasure. Her pussy is extremely slippery as the banana came out full of juice, just imaging sliding a cock in that virgin juice! She has done lots of more stuff for ftv girls and you can enjoy her like you always wanted! First Time videos is proud to present these girls to our loyal members.

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FTV Girls Tiffany Adwards

FTV Girls Saima

We met with Saima in a mall and she looks very sexy. She is not the milky white girls you see everywhere but she is totally different. She flashes her big breasts in the mall and we warm her up a little for the real shoot.

Coming back to home, she shows are amazing sexy body which is very arousing and she uses a vibrator to masturbates and gets a milky white orgasm. We have not seen such orgasms before when the pussy is left totally white and this was amazing. We watch FTV Girl Saima playing with her nipples, massaging her breasts, masturbating again for orgasm and lots more stuff! Saima is gorgeous sexy and has a great sex appeal in her body. Another first timer babe exclusive to ftv girls only!

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FTV Girls Saima

FTV Girls Marissa

She is Marissa from ftv girls and she is guaranteed to make you wet. Marissa is a first timer girl and she has never done any nudes before! We are so lucky that we met marissa on the time when she is best shape of her life. Her figure is the perfect figure and there is no flaw in her lovely figure. She is a perfect combination of pulp and still amazing tightness on her body. Her thighs will make you melt, forget about the pussy!

Marrisa is a rather adventureous girl and we start shooting her hiking. She shows her tight boobs and wet pussy several times even in the crowd. We want to explore marissa more and returning to home, she did some very nasty shoots which will make anybody arouse! She tried several cute outfits and we are surprised to see how beautiful she is. Her big tits look very very sexy when she is wearing anything tight and her cleavage is marvellous. We have explored every bit of Marissa just like you want to see! Enjoy her masturbating, massaging her breasts, showing closeups of her wet pussy and lots of more stuff you always wanted to see! Enjoy and visit us regularly!

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FTV Girls Patricia

FTV Girls Patricia

She is Patricia, another fresh babe from FTV Girls. Patricia is very hot and she is kind a chubby babe but still very nice and sexy figure. She has got a very beautiful dusky face, a hairstyle which suite her face and wonderful body. Patricia has never done any nudes before and this is the first time ever in her life, she is getting naked on Camera. She is a total first timer girl and hope you would like to enjoy her fruity body. Patrica loves masturbation and she loves to enjoy every moment of it!

We have shooted her doing several self masturbation videos with vibrators, toys and other stuff and she loves it! Her breats get extremely hard when she is masturbating and she starts breathing heavily when she is nearing orgasm. It feels really wonderful to see a girl masturbating with toys and sharing her experience in her own words. It is very sexy to talk such babes about sex and hear their views. It is guaranteed that she breast massage video will drive you wild and arouse you like never before! Enjoy this fresh ftv girl patricia!

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FTV Girls Patricia

FTV Danielle Earth Mother

I am ready to pay any price to fuck this gorgeous babe and inside member’s area, you can watch her getting fucked! no Joke! Danielle FTV First Hardcore Video is out and you are missing the most arousing video on Internet If you haven’t seen yet! She is Danielle FTV in Earth Mother outfit and she is looking fucking sexy!

Her chubby body makes her different from every girl in the world and she is just like my fantasy! Just look at her breasts, they are bombs and extremely tight. Danielle’s pussy is the most beautiful part in her body. Now imagine If her tits and face is so beautiful, how juicy her pussy will be! My god! I’m ready to die several hundred times to lick her body all over and spread my juice all over her tits! Don’t miss this update from Danielle FTV, you’ll repent!

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FTV Danielle Mother Earth

FTV Danielle Earth Mother

FTV Danielle Earth Mother

FTV Girls Sammie

She is Sammie from ftv girls and doing nude modeling for the first time. She is shy to show her assets but she is aware that she is too cute. She says that she gets attention of boys every now and then and lots of boys have proposed her for a friendship. She wants to show her beautiful figure to the world and this is why she is posing for FTV Girls for her first time.

She has got beautiful round breasts which are pretty tight, round ass, juicy pussy and cutest butt we have seen in a long time. She takes her bra off and flashes her wonderful breasts which are full of joy and just seeing them gives a very arousing experience, not sure what will happen by touching them :) The she gets all nude but in heels, she gives her beautiful breasts a lovely massage and I bet most peeps will ejaculate automatically just by seeing the video in HD quality! Its wonderful experience and If you want to enjoy insanely beautiful girls, Join us now!

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FTV Girls Sammie

FTV Girls Haley Hayden

These are real life twins and this is their first time adult experience with posing nude. Both haley and hayden are real life twins. For this shoot hayden decided to change her hair color to black. These girls tell about themselves as how much they love each other. Both of these girls are hot and they are wearing summer dresses. They are ready for their first nude shoot of their life and It is going to be really playful.

Both FTV Haley and Hayden love masturbation using fingures and havn’t used vibrator before. This is their first time rubbing clitoris with vibrator and It was amazing experience. Haley had a great orgasm and she was feeling excellent. They tried lots of outfits, licked each other’s pussies, massaged tits and enjoyed each other in every possible way! This shoot is amazing and so are these girls.

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FTV Girls Hayden Haley
FTV Girls Hayden Haley

FTV Girls Sierra

She is FTV Girls Sierra, a gorgeous babe. She is a perfect girl for those people who like slim girls. Slim girl really look extremely beautiful in Jeans as this exposes the real shape of their body. Sierra is very naughty and she is more beautiful inside then she looks. We have taken closeup shots of her every body part and she got got the nicest and tightest pussy we have seen in a while. Her pussy is very sensitive and when she penetrates it, the object gets almost locked inside with pussy lips. Now image how pleasure It would be to slide a cock in her pussy!

Sierra has done lots of videos for us in Hight Definition quality. You would love to see her body in all possible anges and feel the wetness of her pussy like you have always wanted. She is a real cutie and you would love to hear the sound she makes when she is nearing orgasms. This stuff is priceless and If you are really into beautiful amateur girls, this website is the best on whole Internet!

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FTV Girls Sierra

FTV Girls Tiffany

She is FTV Tiffany and she will definately cause headache in your pants. She is very beautiful with extremely amateur face, beautiful eyes and perfectly crafted body. She has tried several outfits and she looks amazing in all of those outfits. Pink color suites her extremely well and she looks fucking sexy from head to toe.

This is first time video of ftv girl tiffany and she was a little bit nervous. After a lil warmup, she was ready for the shoot and she gave us a chance to explore her whole body. We asked to masturbate using a vibrator and she is even doesn’t know that vibrators can be used for masturbation. She rubbed the vibrator on her sensitive clitoris and It feels awesome. Tiffany loved this first time experience and she had the most intense orgasm of her life. She says that now the vibrator is her best friend. She massaged her shapely tight tits which are still growing and they are very beautiful. Her pussy is mouthwatering and the color of her pussy is pink! We wish we could shoot a hardcore video of her sucking a cock! All we can say is , She is perfect and worth watching for any price!

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FTV Girl Tiffany in Green

Danielle FTV Birthday

She is Danielle FTV and we have launched her very own private website. I can guarantee you that this girl will just blow your mind. Danielle FTV is fucking beautiful and sexy. You’ll find many girls very beautiful but not sexy. Danielle FTV is beautiful as hell and even more sexy. She loves to talk dirty and inside her private website you can see lots of her videos in HD quality and she will make you WET in no time!

She has just turned 22 and her body is in best shape of her life. You can see danielle ftv blowjob video inside members area as well as her first time ever hardcore video when she rides a cock. We have over 100 videos of her inside her private website and so far our lucky members are enjoying her body! If you love girls, she is the most sexy babe you’ll ever find, period! Feel the heat and join her website to satisfy your fantasies which are buried deep inside your heart!

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FTV Danielle Celebrating Birthday

FTV Girls Sabrina

She is FTV Sabrina. We know that our member’s really like curvey girls so we have selected Sabrina to shoot for us. Sabrina is beautiful and her body from her head to toe is curvey. She is not the typical slim girl, but she has real pulp on all over her body.

Sabrina has never posed naked on camera before and she is totally amateur. She was very shy stripping her clothes but after some warm up, she was able to get out of shyness. Then Sabrian started exposing her extremely hot body for the first time for ftv girls. She is more beautiful inside then she looks outside. Her body is perfectly shaped and her breasts are naturally grown. She says that she love to massage her breasts and squeeze them while seeing them in the mirror. It makes her feel proud! Sabrina masturbates for us with huge vibrators and pounds her pussy like never before. She had several strong orgasms which left her pussy milkly white and blushing with her juice. She massaged her tits for us and showing every inch of her hot body! One more thing, her legs are pretty small and fucking beautiful. She is wearing red color on her legs and they are very arousing. All we can say is , She is perfect and worth watching for any price!

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FTV Girl Sabrina Massaging Tits

FTV Haley

She is FTV Girl Haley and you may not have seen breasts like her before. Specially, such huge and tight breasts at this tender age. Haley Cummings is not new to posing nude and she loves teasing guys!

Her breasts started growing fast when she was in school and boys in her class always used to please her to touch her breasts but nobody was that lucky! FTV Haley is fucking sexy and like to tease guys with her milk tankers. She has got a chubby body and a beautiful tight pussy. In this shoot, gabby will pose fully naked for ftv girls, massage her gorgeous tits, showing closeups of her breasts and pink nipples. You would really like her and she want you to see every bit of her and enjoy one of the most finest creations of God! Her breasts are all natural and she is really naughty. Watch her moaning in extremely pleasure when she is masturbating and she WILL make you masturbate right now

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FTV Girl Haley Showing her Massive Tits

FTV Gabby Hardcore

Gabby has posed for ftv girls before in 2008 and she had that perfect body. Our members loved her and now she is back with her boyfriend. Yes, this guy is her real life boyfriend and Gabby loves him so much!

Gaggy never thought about having hardcore sex on camera and when we asked her for that she wanted to do it only with her boyfriend. She don’t want anybody else to feel her figure and love her pussy except her boyfriend! Her boyfriend is very smart and knows how to get intimate on camera! This beautiful couple undress each other and start making love! You can clearly see gabby loves her boyfriend to death and her boyfriend is also addicted to her! We wish we could be in her boyfriends place so that we could fuck her but that’s just a dream! Her boyfriend is very lucky as he gives his cock in Gabbys mouth and she start sucking it with her rosy lips! Her boyfriend gets hard very quicky and anyone will be hard watching such gorgeous babe playing with cock! Her boyfriend fucks her in every possible way and gabby enjoys every moment of it! She loves it when her boyfriends fucks her pussy and sucks her lips like he is hungry for years! This shot is insane and guaranteed to make you wet in no time!

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FTV Girl Gabby Sucking Boyfriends Cock

FTV Girls Lily

She is FTV Girl Lily and personally she is a real turn on for me. I would pay any price to make her my wife and pound her pussy several time a day! I really like shape of her body, her slim figure, tight breasts and chubby hands! She is worth paying any price for a insane hardcore fuck! We spot her in a resort and catch views between her legs!

Lily is extremely juicey and her tall figure make her more sexy that you can think. She masturbates for us showing her juicy pussy and inserts her pretty fingers in her pussy. Then she uses a vibrator and get horny. Her eyes look like she is extremely drunk when she is nearing orgasm and gives her a perfect look! I really don’t have words for how sexy she is and her pussy is so inviting that you would love to jack off watching her masturbating! Her clit is lovely, her pussy is juicy, her breasts are tight and she is pulpy. Watch FTV lily masturbating, showing closeups, having orgasms, bathing in pool and lots of other stuff! You’ll find her only in ftv girls!

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FTV Girl Lilly in sexy skirt and top